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Panitola is one of the most storied gardens in all of Assam. The most sought after tea clone for Orthodox Black Tea, P-126 stands for Panitola-126 as it was created in this garden. The best teas of Assam are made from this specific clone varietal, which is famous for the bright, golden tips synonymous with the finest Assam teas. Today, the P-126 clone has been propagated across the best Orthodox tea gardens of Assam. Panitola has always been and continues to be the headquarters of the Jokai Group.

Panitola has been witness to some truly historic moments that shaped India’s as well as the world’s history. India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visited Panitola in 1938 and stayed in the Burra Bungalows. The massive, teakwood dining table at Panitola Burra Bungalow (the same one which has been around for over a hundred years) has also played host to dignitaries like Lord Mountbatten and General Slim.

Tasting Notes

Panitola teas are well-known for their robust, distinctive pine needle shaped leaves with a heavy sprinkling of golden tips.

When brewed, it is gloriously fragrant with a spicy and aromatic nose.

On the tongue, it offers a full-bodied flavor with a distinctly malty aftertaste.

Panitola teas have discernable flavors of nutmeg and allspice.

It is the classical, well balanced tea that can be enjoyed through the day, with or without milk.

Over the decades, Panitola has cemented it’s position as the one of the most reliably consistent Assam teas and forms the base for English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast black tea blends across the world.

Tasting Note Panitola

Panitola Family

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Panitola is not just a tea garden, it is the name of the entire town and is home to a vibrant community in Assam. In many ways, it is the epicenter of all Upper Assam estates and geographically blessed in terms of transport and communication. Panitola operates two primary schools, providing education for up to 500 workers’ children, while also offering free books and a mid-day meal. Additionally, it has two central creches and four mobile creches for children under six years. Senior students have full access to the free computer training center on-site, which nurtures growth and ambition. Then there is the estate’s hospital, supplying the local population with free healthcare and medical needs. Finally, the local shop enables workers to procure essential commodities at reasonable rates. Spread across 668 hectares, Panitola is home to 1,805 permanent workers (55% of which are women), 1 hospital, 1 temple, 3 churches, 7 football fields, 9 bungalow and 4 community clubs for workers’ recreation.

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