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Nangdala is the only Jokai garden not situated in Assam.

Nangdala is located in the Jalpaiguri district of Dooars in the easternmost part of West Bengal – barely an hour’s drive from the picturesque foothills of Bhutan.

The sandy soil of this garden is unique in its capacity to release water quickly – a blessing for a tea garden in the Dooars area which is routinely lashed with heavy downpours.

Nangdala is an iconic mark in the world of CTC Tea and consistently ranks in the top-10 tea gardens of West Bengal.

Tasting Notes

The clean, black, and grainy teas of Nangdala are staples among the quality-oriented regional buyers in the hinterland of India.

Nangdala teas are well-known for being aromatic, with a bright infusion and satisfying mouthfeel, perfect to enhance the chai blends of high quality packeteers. In the last five years, there has been a renewed focus on quality resulting in Nangdala teas fetching top prices in tea auctions in Siliguri and Kolkata.

The golden-yellow, bright liquor that Nangdala teas yield are distinctive from the reddish liquors of Assam CTC and result in a thicker, guttier cup which takes milk exceptionally well.

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Nangdala is surrounded by important forests like Gorumara, Jaldapara, Buxa and several others which results in a healthy ecosystem within the tea garden. A massive flood from Bhutan in 1991 eroded a portion of the garden’s area and left it unsuitable for tea production. However, this opened an opportunity to cultivate alternate crops and Nangdala now grows drumsticks (moringa), black pepper, cinnamon and other local spices. Nangdala was one of the first tea gardens to completely go cash-free and pays all its workers via bank transfer – which saves a huge amount of time for the workers as well as the management. The garden has 1 hospital, 2 temples, 1 mosque, 1 church, 2 large football fields, a cricket pitch and 2 clubs.

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