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Tinsukia, Assam


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Nalani gets its name from the Assamese word "Noloni", meaning reeds growing in water.

The garden came into being in 1904 following the purchase of the Kamptigoalli Tea Estate and merger with the Woodbine Tea Estate, belonging to the Jokai group.

Nalani has a unique topography, such that some parts of the garden are below the water table of the Brahmaputra river and during the raging monsoons, certain sections of the garden remain submerged for a day or two.

The tea bushes here have somehow evolved to not just survive inundation but thrive in such adverse conditions.

During the monsoons, Nalani workers also routinely use boats to transport fresh plucked leaf from the tea garden to the factory, which is a sight to behold!

Tasting Notes

Nalani teas are characterized by their strikingly even make - akin to grains of perfectly sized rice.

The shiny black leaves paint a stark contrast with the golden tips that the teas have during the second flush – which ultimately result in a flavorful, balanced, and rounded cup

In tea auction circles, Nalani is considered a buyer’s delight as it produces heavy, consistent, and rich teas day after day and week after week, which results in buyers paying a premium for the brand.

Nalani manages to churn out high quality teas not just in the first and second flushes, but all the way till December which distinguishes it from other Assam notables.

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Nalani Family

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Nalani enjoys the tranquility that comes from being in a slightly more remote area. Bordering a wild forest along one of its boundaries, Nalani oftentimes plays host to animals that cross into the garden. This includes a famous instance wherein a sirder in Nalani found what he thought were two small kittens but upon closer inspection turned out to be black panther cubs! Nalani is home to several recreational facilities and the football team is well-known as one of the best in Assam. . The garden has 1 hospital, 2 temples, 4 churches, 1 football field, 7 bungalows and a community club for workers’ recreation.

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