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Dibrugarh, Assam


337 Hectares




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Muttuck Tea Estate is located in a region that has significant historical importance and deep roots in Assam.

It had been the site of the ancient town of the “Mottock” emperor and capital of the kingdom of the “Mottock” Dynasty in Upper Assam.

Muttuck was one of the first tea gardens established by the Jokai Tea Company and has a century long history of producing the highest quality Orthodox black tea which is asked for by name amongst key tea buyers in Europe and the Middle East.

Tasting Notes

To taste a Muttuck is to dive deep into a rich pool of flavor.

Muttuck teas have a gutty, dense mouthfeel with notes of red wine and dark cocoa.

It has a classical Assam character, lively and bright with malty notes in both the aroma and the flavor.

It yields an amber cup which is rich and smooth with a bold, yet rounded mouthfeel.

Tasting Note Muttuck

Muttuck Family

We did it TOGETHER

At 337 Hectares, Muttuck is the smallest of the Jokai estates but what it lacks in size, it makes up in personality. Muttuck has a thriving community of craftsmen, artists and woodworkers that showcase their wares every weekend at the local “haat” (market). As a relatively smaller garden, it has a more tightly knit community which engages in several art forms. Muttuck’s “jhumur” (local Assamese dance form) dancers are well known for coming out on top at most local talent competitions. Muttuck is home to 1 hospital, 1 football field, 5 bungalows, 1 arts and crafts arena and 2 community clubs for workers’ recreation.

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