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Established in 1872 in Calcutta by a philanthropist and registered in 1882 in London, the Jokai Tea Company is one of the oldest and most storied tea companies in the world. It is credited with revolutionizing black tea quality and is the standard bearer for premium Orthodox, Whole Leaf Black teas.

Jokai journey of 148 years

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Jokai Tea Company is established in Kolkata and Balmer Lawrie appointed managing agents


Registered in London on 20th October 1882


Jokai Tea Company crosses 10,000 acres of cultivated tea area including the gardens of Bokel, Muttuck, Hattialli, Panitola, Dikom, Daisajan, Koilamari, Tippuk, Bordeobam, Pathalipam, Lengrai, Jamirah and Kutchujan


Nokhroy, Woodbine (now Nalani) and Singlijan estates added to the Jokai Tea Company


Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister visits Panitola Tea Estate and stays overnight in the “Burra Bungalow”


Lord Mountbatten and General Slim use Panitola as headquarters to chalk out battle plans for end of World War II


Jokai Tea Company becomes first tea company to use all four modes of transport – aircraft, steamer, trams and cars to transport leaf and people between it’s gardens


Jokai Tea Company gardens earn record prices at the London Auctions with special mention to Panitola for highest price / kg achieved in the year among Assam gardens


Hattialli Tea Estate becomes the first tea estate in Assam to be awarded the prestigious ISO 9002 certification


Resisting the CTC wave, The Jokai Group renews its commitment to producing 100% premium Orthodox Black Tea in each of it’s Assam Gardens, despite rising cost of wages and increased cost of hand plucking


The Jokai Group introduces Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in it’s gardens working with soil and pest scientists to create it’s own vermicompost pits and homegrown bio-pesticides to minimize pesticide loads in it’s estates


The Jokai Group earns the coveted “Rainforest Alliance” in all it’s estates - an important marker of superior agricultural and ethical practices with respect to the environment and labor management

[Read more about the Rainforest Alliance…]


The Jokai Group forays into the Artisanal Tea Segment with the KM Shah Artisanal Tea Centre and crafts small batch, hand rolled Black, Green, White, Oolong and Gunpowder Teas which receive wide acclaim in German markets

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