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Doom Dooma, Assam


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This Jokai group estate traces its name to the Assamese words "Doichha Jaan", meaning "the river with two heads".

Daisajan Tea Estate is situated in the golden belt of the "Tea City" - Doom Dooma - in Upper Assam, which is home to some of the most fertile lands in the Assam Valley.

With an abundance of tippy clones as well as the forgotten “basti” seed jat of Assam, the Daisajan mark is an institution in the hallowed halls of Orthodox tea connoisseurs around the world.

Tasting Notes

Daisajan teas are a modern representation of the legacy Assam teas of yore – malty, robust and deliciously creamy.

One can easily identify a Daisajan tea based on the golden sheen that covers the surface of every tea leaf resulting in an ethereal glow.

When brewed, it yields a remarkably bright infusion, a strongly aromatic nose and a cup that sings with notes of elderflower and red apple.

The “brokens” grades of Daisajan, specifically the GFBOP (Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe) are sought after across the industry for their virgin character and malty, creaming down cups.

Tasting Note Daisajan

Dasiajan Family

We did it TOGETHER

Daisajan is home to a community of people that value education and boasts a literacy rate of 85% - well above the average of 65% in other parts of Assam. The estate has a lower primary school which provides free education to the children of workers up to class five. It has employed a group of educators to run the school and has a dedicated “Daisajan School Bus” which ferries students of Daisajan as well as neighboring gardens to and fro from school. Daisajan has 1 hospital, 5 temples, 4 churches, 2 football fields, 5 bungalows and 2 community clubs for workers’ recreation.

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